Month: March 2018

“Tomasz Chojnacki Rallycross Team” the first win of this season.

The first victory in the first round: BTRDA Clubmans Rallycross Championship “Tomasz Chojnacki Rallycross Team” … In the last season he finished 3rd in the class, and today he is enjoying the first win. Tomasz is another Polish driver in the British Rallycross who continues the tradition of winning and joins such drivers as Tomasz Wielgosz, Robert Potyra, Tomasz Marciniak who have on their corner not only wins but also titles of Champions. Krzysztof Frask and Mariölla Mehlbergen were also on the podium.   We will very unusually approach the topic and this time we will ask how a...

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The IKR Spring Series finale at Clay Pigeon. We met the winners of the season.

  81 drivers took part in the Clay Pigeon Raceway last weekend. The cadets completed the spring championship of the IKR Spring Series. On the track we saw four other categories and Pit Bikes. Cadet Maksymilian”MadMax” Solarski from the 303 Squadron Team was the winner of the general category classification of the Clay Pigeon IKR Spring Series 2018. The Polish driver  from Southampton won second place in the last round and secured himself a victory in the whole champinship. Saturday’s competition was won by another Squadron Team driver, Colin Ważny The last round was decisive for the victory in...

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A race weekend at Clay Pigeon. The second round of the MSA club championship.

  Last weekend at the Clay Pigeon Raceway the second round of the MSA Championship took place. Karting łączy…Jeszcze dwa lata temu drużyna Dywizjonu 303 na Wyspach liczyła zaledwie 2 osoby. Tworzył ją kierowca i… Opublikowany przez 303 Squadron Team na 11 marca 2018 Seven categories, 140 drivers, great races and lots of emotions. We experienced all this last weekend at the Clay Pigeon Raceway (Dorchester) track, where the second round of the MSA championship club took place. The greatest emotions accompanied the most numerous categories.   Honda Cadet Among the youngest drivers racing in Honda Cadet (34 competitors), Kean...

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