303 Squadron Team took part in the MSA event at Forest Edge.


Colin Ważny from the 303 Squadron Team, he finished second in the MSA championship at the Forest Egde circuit in southern England. The young Polish boy presented himself excellently in the almost 30-drivers in Honda Cadet .  In the Mini Max category, Maciej Hamera finished fourth in the competition.

303 Squadron drivers celebrate every weekend in English club competitions. They spent the last weekend at Forest Edge, where the first round of the Forest Edge Kart Club  Championship 2018 took place. This is the inauguration of the season on this track. Late. In March, the inaugural event was canceled due to snowfall.


On the Forest Egde in addition to Colin in the Honda Cadet category took off Maksymilian “Mad Max” Solarski and Adrian Haniewicz. Maks took the fourth position in the final race, but unexpectedly was disqualified by the judges. The technical commission found illegible chassis numbers on the Polish driver’s technical examination card. In turn, Adrian Haniewicz who passed the exam the day before, debuting in Forest competitions, placed 22nd in the final.  

Adrian took the second place in the Best Novice classification.

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Colin Ważny was one of the fastest drivers this weekend. The victory eluded him on the final straight race when he raced with Englishman Jake Maynard. Finally, Maynard overtook the Pole at the finish line by 0.170 seconds.

Maksymilian ”MadMax”Solarski finished two seconds after the leader but the decision of the judges deprived him of the fourth position in the race and the first round of the competition.


In the Mini Max category of the same day , Maciej Hamera the fourth of the Poles, perfectly presented himself. Maciek was one of the fastest drivers on the track and eventually placed 4th in the grid.
Hamera accelerated in race competition for the race. In the time trial, he recorded the eighth lap time, he was seventh in the first heath, in the second he finished in the fifth position. The third qualifying race living in Reading the Pole finished in  third position. In the final he moved from the fourth field and kept his place.

The results of the Honda Cadet final:
1. Jake Maynard ENG =
2. Colin Ważny POL +0.170, =
3. Oscar Blanchard ENG +P3

22. Adrian Haniewicz POL +23.680, +P5
DSQ Maksymilian Solarski POL (P4) +1.990, +P1

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The results of the Rotax Mini Max final:
1. Brodie Trayhorn ENG =
2. Rhys Hurd ENG +2.840, +P1
3. CJ Morgan ENG +4.560, -P1
4. Maciej Hamera POL, +4.800, =

Opublikowany przez 303 Squadron Team 1 kwietnia 2018


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