Extreme VR2


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Extreme VR2 modern road legal semi slick tyre with asymmetric tread and tyre shoulder design.  Not symmetric radius geometry of inside/outside shoulder allow to increase grip and handling precision when cornering together with bigger contact area when braking. Reinforced sidewalls with advanced compounds formulations offers supreme grip and immediate steering reaction. Available in R9 Hard , R7 Medium, R5 Soft, and W4 Super Soft

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Extreme VR2

175/50R13 Type R5 (without casing), 175/50R13 Type R9 (without casing), 175/50R13 Type W4 (without casing), 185/60R13 Type R5(without casing), 185/60R13 Type R9(without casing), 185/60R13 Type W4(without casing), 185/55R14 Type R5, 185/55R14 Type R7, 185/55R14 Type R9, 185/55R14 Type W4, 195/50R15 Type R5, 195/50R15 Type R7, 195/50R15 Type R9, 195/50R15 Type W4, 215/45R17 Type R5, 215/45R17 Type R7, 215/45R17 Type R9, 225/45R17 Type R5, 225/45R17 Type R7, 225/45R17 Type R9, 225/40R18 Type R5, 225/40R18 Type R7, 225/40R18 Type R9, 255/35R18 Type R5, 255/35R18 Type R7, 255/35R18 Type R9, 265/35R18 Type R5, 265/35R18 Type R7, 265/35R18 Type R9, 265/35R18 Type S2

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