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Dear Sponsors!

We are 303 Squadron Team and racing is what we do. Our young karting drivers practice professional driving skills and build confidence, stamina and reflex. Through professional sport we learn how to manage pressure and stress by drivers and mechanics. We step out of our comfort zones, cross the barriers and limits to reach sport objectives we aim for. Through our racing achievements we promote legendary Polish Squadron 303, highest scoring squadron in Battle of Britain. In this basic sponsoring package you will have a privilege to support our team and receive advertisement rights on our banners during all racing events, website and other visuals for 1 year. You will be additionally granted global access to customers of CashBack World program which operates in 47 countries around the World including UK, where it has over 100,000 users and 600 retail partners. Join us today!


We are Champions of:


Jakub Jakoniuk                                   

-MSA Buckmore Park Champion 2017
-Clay Pigeon IKR Vice Champion 2017
-MSA Camberley Kart Club II Vice Champion 2017

 Honda Cadet

Maksymian ”MadMax” Solarski    
-Clay Pigeon IKR Summer Series Champion 2017
-Clay Pigeon IKR Auntumn Series Vice Champion 2017
-Lydd IKR Winter Vice Champion 2017
-MSA Buckmore Park II Vice Champion 2017
-5th Kent Kart Championship 2017

Colin Ważny   

-Clay Pigeon IKR IIViceSummer Series Champion 2017
-Clay Pigeon IKR IIVice Auntum Series Champion 2017

David Aulejtner 

4th Clay Pigeon IKR IIVice Auntum Series Champion 2017

Adrian Haniewicz   

8th Clay Pigeon IKR IIVice Auntum Series Champion 2017

Junior Max

Maciej Hamera 


-Clay Pigeon IKR Vice Auntum Series Champion 2017




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